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São Paulo, Brazil

She was born:

March 14, 1987 


Fruit between black, white and the ancestor of the land, Xukuru, from Pindorama. Born in Piracicaba, where a river flows... She lives and produces from the city of São Paulo and touring. The sewing between different languages challenges form – from the body as an act [performativity] to photography as a silent record. The works address gender issues; identity; ancestry and spirituality. Your body is the support of immaterial experiences.

She is currently a Master's student in Arts at the PPGA of the UNESP Institute of Arts with the project FOTOGRAFIA RITUAL; Researcher in the GIIP and cAt research groups IA-Unesp/CNPq and resident artist at the ceramics studio by the LOTE program. She has been a member of the Levante Nacional Trovoa collective (a national movement and articulation of racialized artists, curators and art educators) since 2020.  

In 2021, he held his first solo exhibition at OC Alfredo Volpi (SP): MATERNAGEM, with the participation of his mother: Nazaré Soares, and Mônica Ventura, as guest artists; and, healing text by Renata Felinto. In the same year, he also participated in the Pivô Pesquisa (SP) program with curator Catarina Duncan.


Bachelor of Visual Arts from the PPGA of UNESP (2015). Completion of the course marks the beginning of his process with other languages and production with other artists / people: a residency on campus for the construction of a kombi/house, relational work, DEVICE IN MOVIMENTO (2014). In 2018, he visited Piauí to carry out the residencies: Nove, by Francesca Lazzeri (It/Ho) and Demolition Incorporada, by Marcelo Evelin (Br/Ho), at Campo Arte Contemporânea in Teresina-PI.

In 2019, she presented the performance work MÃE, working with her mother in the collective LAVRA2019 that occupied Praça Tiradentes by the Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica (CMAHO) - Rio de Janeiro-RJ; the work is part of the Calmon-Stock private collection.



2021_ MATERNAGE | OC Alfredo Volpi, São Paulo-SP  



2022_ ArtSampa | Latin Artists | Oca do Ibirapuera | GARDEN PRA ERÊ

2021_ Amazon Mapping Festival | Video Mapping Projection of RITUAL PHOTOGRAPHY  

2021_ Luz Del Fuego International Exhibition of Brazilian Women in Photography | Viewing Room and Urban Actions in Buenos Aires-AR by F. RITUAL  

2021_ SP-ART | National Thunderstorm | Viewing Room | GARDEN PRA ERÊ

2021_ COMPENSATION ZONES 8.0 | Viewing Room | AWAKE

2021_ ArtRio | Latin Artists | Viewing Room | MOM

2021_ SP-ART | Participates as Curator of the shared project “Que Nascerá” Nacional Trovoa | Viewing Room

2021_ ART AND COSMOLOGY | Lab Inter - UFSM | CURATOR: connoisseur of mysteries

2021_ ART AND COSMOLOGY | Lab Inter - UFSM | cAt - Blow and Touch

2020_ SP-PHOTO | National Thunderstorm | Viewing Room | BOY OR GIRL?; CURE; EMULSION

2020_ SP-ART | National Thunderstorm | Viewing Room | TO BE BEAUTIFUL; WITHOUT FEAR


2020_ AI+ART | University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg | CURE

2020_ COMPENSATION ZONES 7.0 | Viewing Room | CURE

2020_ AI+ART | University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg | cAt - BLOW; TOUCH

2020_ COMPENSATION ZONES 7.0 | Viewing Room | cAt - BLOW; TOUCH

2020_ FACTORS 7.0 | Viewing Room | cAt - BLOW; TOUCH

2020_ LAVRA 2020 | CMAHO, Rio de Janeiro-RJ | MOM


2018_ BUCÉTIKA - Transfeminist Encounter | Al Janiah, São Paulo-SP | TO BE BEAUTIFUL

2016_ 9th BETWEEN SHOWS | Fund BADESC, Florianópolis-SC | St. Barbarhá Art Commerce

2011_ BATCH | IA UNESP, São Paulo-SP | VULVAS



2021_ ISLAND_Life is a utopia. work by Dudu Tsuda. AVXLab: Uncommon place  *( link)

2021_ GARDEN PRA ERÊ. Opening of the Maternity exhibition. OC Alfredo Volpi. Sao Paulo-SP.

2019_ MOTHER. 40min LAVRA 2019 - Municipal Art Center Hélio Oiticica. Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

2018_ RITE. 30min METAPHOR space. Parnaíba-PI.

2018_ LEAF CHAT. 30min CAMPO Contemporary Art, Teresina-PI.

2017_ NU IS RAW. 10min Go Free from MASP. Sao Paulo-SP.



2022_ Experience in the MUTUM YAWANAWÁ VILLAGE, Rio Gregório Indigenous Territory, Tarauacá-Acre.

2021_ PARANAPIACABA PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL | João Kulcsar [Br]. FFP, Paranapiacaba-São Paulo.

2021_ PIVOT ART AND RESEARCH 2021 | Catarina Duncan [Br]. PIVÔ, São Paulo-São Paulo.

2018_ NINE | Francesca Lazzeri [It/Nl]. CAMPO Contemporary Art, Teresina-Piauí.

2018_ DEMOLITION INCORPORATED | Marcelo Evelin [Br/Nl]. CAMPO, Teresina-Piauí.

2018_ BODY CREATION | Zé Reis [Br]. Balaio Space, Parnaíba-Piauí.

2015_ DEVICE ON THE MOVE | MOBA in Kombi-home, SP > MG > RJ.

2014_ DEVICE ON THE MOVE | Visual Arts Undergraduate TCC | Joinery Workshop. UNES-SP Arts Institute.


2022_ Article: Ritual Photography: an experience with the Huni Kuin people  |  GIS Magazine: Gesture, Image and Sounds - Anthropology/USP  * DOI link

2021_ Article: LINK: 3rd Conference on Practice-Driven Research in Art and Design (New Zealand)  * DOI link

2021_ Conference Proceedings: ARTECH - 10th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts (Portugal)  * DOI link

2021_ Photo-book: a silent poem  |  with Kelly Koide Organization, Mariana Chama.  Sao Paulo: Ed. of the Authors.  ISBN 978-65-00-32228-6  

2018_ Photography: “EMULSION” HUNI KUIN  |  ABATE Magazine #4 – ISSN 2447552.


2021_ Integrates with the work "MÃE" the CALMON-STOCK collection | Rio de Janeiro - RJ  


2020_ Reporting and elaboration of gender and domestic violence through artistic processes  

         Curated: Karlla Girotto [ G>E ] | Cultural Workshops, via Google Meet. (4H)

2020_ Mobile Photography | Cultural Workshops, via Google Meet. (6H)

2020_ Photography/Language | Alfredo Volpi Cultural Workshop, São Paulo-SP. (8 pm)

2019_ Photography as a Medium | Alfredo Volpi Cultural Workshop, São Paulo-SP. (8 pm)

2019_ Visual Poetics and Creative Process | SENAC-SP University Center. (4H)


2020_ Daniel Lie [Coord. of Painting] “Filhos do Fim”. Pineapple Solar. Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

2018_ Daniel Lie [Coord. of Painting] “Filhxs do Fim”. Triangle House Gallery. Sao Paulo-SP.

2018_ Daniel Lie [Coord. Workshop] “East to East - Death Center for xs vivxs”.  Via air, SESC Belenzinho. Sao Paulo-SP.