From coexistence and exchange, the realization of this work. Whose photos are the product of the delivery and search for connection with this ancient culture and its ancestral worldview. The ritual works were photographed under the effect of ayuasca, snuff, sananga and kambo - traditional healing methods of the Huni-Kuin (AC) people. As a deepening of this process, the Master's in Arts project by PPG of the Institute of Arts of UNESP-SP, “RITUAL PHOTOGRAPHY”, is carried out.

BÁRBARA MILANO is a fruit between black, white and the ancestor of the Pindorama land. Master's student in Arts at the São Paulo State University “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” (UNESP, 2020) where she develops the work “Ritual Photography” in the research line: Artistic Processes and Procedures (PPGA-IA). Graduated in Visual Arts at the same institution (UNESP, 2015). Currently working as an artist in exhibitions and residencies, the sewing between different languages challenges form – from the body as an act [performativity] to photography as a silent register. Your body supports immaterial experiences. She integrates the research groups GIIP/CAT (UNESP) in the area of arts and technology and the independent collective of racialized women Nacional Trovoa. E-mail:

Where the work has gone:

2021_ (publication) Essay and Article | GIS Magazine - Gesto, Image and Sound | Journal of Anthropology at USP | e-ISSN 2525-3123

2021_ (exposure)  Amazon Mapping Festival 2021

2021_ (exhibition) International Exhibition of Luz del Fuego (Argentina)

2021_ (international event) Essay and Article | 3rd Conference on Practice-Driven Research in Art and Design (New Zealand)

2021_ ( workshop ) Paranapiacaba Photography Festival

2021_ (live) Paranapiacaba Photography Festival 

2021_ (exhibition) Art and Cosmology – International Art Event. Transmission | UFSM - Federal University of Santa Maria

2020_ (exhibition) SP-FOTO - Sp-Arte photography fair

2020_ (seminar) Emergencies | Organized by PPGA-IA-UNESP students

2020_ (exhibition) IA+ART | University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

2020_ (exposure) Clearing Zones 7.0  | GIIP-UNESP

2017_ (publication) Photography | ABATE Magazine #4 | ProacSP2017| INSS 2447-5521  

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